Assessing the recent times, if one has to identify an epoch that brought with it important consequences that shook up the world, for good, then the arrival of WikiLeaks undoubtedly must be deemed as a crucial occurrence.

Unlike typical outlaws, Julian Assange is loved by people of far left to ultra-right. Assange, encompasses all classical emotions in one. He is a perfect cocktail made out of irony, bravery, tragedy, comedy and darkness. I would be surprised if his story doesn’t end up in Hollywood. This could be a great story for Aaron Sorkin's magic pen. This pale, long haired, blue eyed poster boy of modern day freedom has been offering us choices in various shades of gray. The freedom that he offers is unknown and so is he.

When someone's bold enough to speak the truth and nothing but the truth - what should be done? Hunt down Julian Assange like Osama Bin-Laden, says Sarah Palin, the self-declared queen of the free world. Let's freeze his group's bank account, says the Swiss Banks, Mastercard and We'll shut down their website, says Give us a warrant and we'll do the rest says the British and Australian governments.